How to Prevent Cravings from Sabotaging Your New Year Goals

Uncategorized Jan 02, 2018

This is an interesting time of year. Many people work so hard all year long, eating right, exercising, shedding a few pounds, gaining control of those gnawing cravings…and it all goes up in smoke with the end of year seasonal indulgences, leading them to work twice as hard at the gym come January.

Is there a way to prevent, or gain control of these cravings even after they lose control like a brake-less semi-truck down a mountain pass?

The answer is YES, and I think its important to understand why we might have cravings. There are two main reasons; stress, and a high insulin stimulating diet.

The New Year, new goals, finishing tying up 2017 obligations, post-holiday stress- let’s face it, there’s a lot going on. There is no better time to begin implementing those stress management techniques you have been thinking about, maybe get on a natural supplement to support your adrenals and cortisol levels.

The high insulin stimulating diet comes from too much carbohydrates. Instead of separating carbs vs sugars on the food labels- understand that all carbs pour into sugar in the blood stream. This leads to higher levels of insulin to be called in for back up- to help usher the sugar out of the blood to the cells, with the extra being deposited as fat and triglycerides.

Revisit your carbohydrate consumption, and adjust your daily amounts if necessary. I like to refer to what is known as the carbohydrate curve, where 100 to 150 grams per day provides healthy weight maintenance, and dipping down to the 50 - 100 grams per day helps with fat loss. Above the 150 grams per day is the danger zone, supporting and escalating issues of insulin resistance and inflammation. Keep in mind, these numbers are not absolute and should be customized based on person’s needs, activity levels, and state of health.

Aside from adjusting carbohydrates, incorporating healthy fats will provide efficient energy as well as help you feel fuller faster.

After food and stress management, supplements can play a tremendously supportive role.

One of my favorites is CarbCrave Complex by Pure Encapsulations. CarbCrave Complex casts a wide net cutting down those cravings as well as supporting mood and sense of wellbeing.

CarbCrave Complex provides Relora, ashwagandaha, rhodiola and vitamin B6, for neurotransmitter, cortisol, and mood support. DL-phenylalanine and 5HTP support dopamine and serotonin production and enhancement of wellbeing.  Lastly, chromium supports healthy carbohydrate metabolism.


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