Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I utilize your service, I see a doctor for yearly check-ups?

Root to Wellness Consulting is designed to address many of the issues that conventional allopathic care overlooks. If you have ever been told that "it’s just in your head", or "it’s your age", or "your tests are fine"...but you still feel terrible, then you understand that "something is missing." 

This is where Root to Wellness Consulting steps in, as we look at your health from a holistic model, while incorporating unique functional testing and assessment designed to get to the root of your problem.

We don’t look at ourselves as "instead of your physician", but "in addition to" to provide you the best options for your health. The information we provide in no way should replace the care or advice of your physician. What we offer here at Whole Pharmacy consulting is complementary to the normal care you receive by your primary care provider.

What can I expect from a consult?

After scheduling your appointment, you will be sent an invitation for our Power to Practice, electronic medical records software. Here you will find an extensive questionnaire (400 questions) as well as health history input.

Additionally, Power to Practice allows us to upload your previous medical tests to provide an extensive assessment of your health.

We ask all information be inputted and sent to us at least 72 hours before your consult to allow the most efficient time spent together.

As this is a Tele-Wellness consult, the consult will then take place over the telephone or via Video Conferencing.

After the first consult, decisions will be made if any further testing needs to be done.

What is the difference between a consult and coaching?

Where the consults provide an in-depth approach to provide you a road map to attain your health goals, the coaching provides customized markers, tips, and strategies along the way. The coaching also provides much more lifestyle strategies, going much deeper into diet, exercise, and relaxation strategies. Coaching is more fluid, and follows you on your path.

Keep in mind, if you sign up for the Root to Wellness Consult, and afterwards want to do the coaching program, we will deduct the fee you paid already; and if you start right with coaching, it includes the Root to Wellness Consult.

Do you work with my primary provider?

Absolutely. We feel the best care is to bring all forms of care together. We regularly communicate and work with all providers, from MD's, DO's, Chiropractors, Yoga instructors, Massage therapists, and more.

Is a consult with you reimbursed by insurance?

No, being a pharmacist, such counseling services are not reimbursable by insurance. We feel the time spent, and depth of investigation for each consult provides more value than insurance reimbursement would cover in most cases.