Tests, Fee's, etc

We offer an extensive array of testing, from salivary, to blood spot and more if needed. These are all home kits where you easily and efficiently do in the convenience of your own home. Areas of testing include:

  • Hormones
  • Adrenal
  • Vitamin D
  • Iodine
  • Toxic Elements
  • ...and more

Why are the lab tests you offer better?

I think the best answer to this question is that they are designed to address the patients’ needs in a comprehensive, targeted and convenient manner.  

For instance, we utilize salivary cortisol testing, as it allows testing at home, providing a more comprehensive assessment at 4 times daily dosing, compared to a standard blood draw which is only performed once daily.

We utilize as many tests that will provide the information that we need through your primary care provider first, and then use are services, if needed, to fill in the gaps.

Are your lab tests reimbursable by insurance?

If the tests are performed through our clinic, they are not. Although if your physician offers similar testing services, they might be, although often as 'out of network' reimbursement.

Testing Examples and Prices (fees are subject to change)

  • Adrenal Stress Saliva Profile (cortisol x 4, DHEAs x 2)- $125
  • Comprehensive hormone assessment (cortisol x4, DHEA's x 2, E2,E3, Test, Prog, Melatonin) $212
  • Iodine- $70
  • Vitamin D- $65